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Hello~ Happy All Hallows Eve everyone ^___^)/ Just wanting to x-post… - Brighton Gothic Lolitas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 30th, 2008|05:23 pm]
Brighton Gothic Lolitas


Happy All Hallows Eve everyone ^___^)/

Just wanting to x-post a quick notice to anyone who is free tomorrow, during the hours of 12-5pm (+ if we go somewhere)
to come to Brighton, orkyo_o  and I can make it a little further out to the next city to do something if it gets too out of hand.

Come and have fun with us~!! We can go to Cocoa to eat some of their delicious mousse cakes, go and Bake halloween goodies at my house,
go and scare people/window shop etc

Anyone interested??? If so - please comment below!!

Earliest we can meet is 12pm, so people - If you do decide to come, please give me a time in your comment, so I can sort out the earliest arriving person and wait for them~

Dress Code: Obviously - Lolita, Ouji-kei/Kodona, Aristocrat. I will be guro-ing it up slightly as its Halloween ^ 3^

I apologise at the very short notice of this meet. But it makes it fun and spur of the moment!

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