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Half Term Meetup~ [Feb. 16th, 2009|09:40 pm]
Brighton Gothic Lolitas


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For this following saturday (21st), I would love to plan a meetup in Brighton!
Now, I initally want this to be a photoshoot, and also, providing I get my video camera then,
I will include some of the meetup in my Vlog on Youtube, which I will be starting very shortly.

Time: 12pm / Place: Churchill Square (Borders Entrance) MAP

The Theme for the meet is: Dress to the MAX~!!
Basically, choose a type of lolita you love, and dress to the utmost extreme of it.
Deco-loli? I want to see more gems and accessories than FLESH! haha.
If my cape arrives, I will be all decked out in EGL.

Please, Lolitas from London and around, come down to participate? I know a lot of people
travel to go to London, so why not the people from London, travel somewhere too.
I really look forward to seeing you!! And I am sure we shall have fun!

If I get a lot of people coming to this, when we go to have tea, I think we shall go to Serenity Tea House,
in Hove. If there are only a few of us, we can squeeze into my favorite place - Cocoa. Which is conveniently
right near Brighton Station, for reference.

Please RSVP here, and tell us what you will dress up to the 9's in!!

Thankyou in advance!!!

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